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L’Occitane – The Woman


To write this blog I had to sit in my balcony surrounded by beautiful flowers, listening to the chirping of the birds thus creating a French illusion. L’occitane is a dream come true for some women like me because of the variety of the products available which consists of essential oils and flowery ingredients. This dream came to reality when a 23-year-old young man named Olivier Baussan used strum distillation to produce essential oil  from wild rosemary and lavender, which he sold at open-air, markets in his native Provence. L’Occitane was named for the women of Occitania.



I had the privilege to partner with L’Occitane for Mother’s Day weekend as a Fashion Consultant at the Yorkdale Boutique. It was an opportunity to pursue one of my passions i.e. to empower women by dressing them for success thus building more confidence in them. This opportunity was availed by styling the staff and talking to women from different walks of life about enhancing their beauty and finding their true style. I was living the dream surrounded by flowers, great products (BTW I was tempted to buy all), great smell and great people. The staff was hospitable, personable and welcoming. For those of you who did not get a chance to get complimentary facial and hand massage you can still get one from these well trained professionals @ Yorkdale boutique by booking an appointment with them.

Few of my favorite products at L’Occitane are: Almond collection, Rose collection and Divine collection. Why one may ask? Their Almond cream is like white chocolate melting on your skin. The rose perfume is a fresh and velvety fragrance; as per L’Occitane “it is a floral tale that celebrates the flower of queens. The muses that inspired this fragrance, the four daughters of the Count of Forcalquier, all cherished roses: the flowers that were said to have made them queens”. The Divine Cream that is also their award winning miracle cream. It is luscious, rich and tasteful for the skin just like butter (sorry for the analogy for my vegan friends out there!).

I would say it was a pleasurable experience I wish there was more awareness about this gem i.e. L’Occitane brand n their products.


    • Pearl Ogbulaforc

      Beautiful ! I was there on Mother’s Day and had a lovely experience . The complimentary facial was a unique experience. I will certainly go back. Rufina’s amazing fashion style perfectly integrated with L’Occitane brand perfectly represents Class and elegance.

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