Rufina & L’Occitane

L’Occitane – The Woman   To write this blog I had to sit in my balcony surrounded by beautiful flowers, listening to the chirping of the birds thus creating a French illusion. L’occitane is a dream come true for some women like me because of the variety of the products available which consists of essential … [Read more…]

Happy Abundant 2017!

I would like to wish all my readers/viewers a New Year full of Prosperity, Health, Love, Peace and Joy! Remember to spend your New Year with loved ones and most importantly as we step into 2017 to love ourselves.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to love myself and as I go through this … [Read more…]

It’s a Jolly Dolly Christmas!

Nothing speaks more to me of Christmas than fresh Cinnamon toast with scrambled eggs/ cheese accompanied by warm eggnog and fresh bowl of fruits Yummy!!! Certainly teases my senses. It is literally a Christmas party in my mouth. Now that I have made you excited and hungry lets make sure we are dressed for exciting … [Read more…]

Polka Dots – Humble Staple of a Wardrobe

Polka Dots dresses are one of the humble staples of a wardrobe however; it is overlooked many times. I would like to compare it to sweet potatoes- it is nutritious, delicious yet underestimated. There is so much one can do with polka dots dresses can wear it casually, formally or even as a party piece. … [Read more…]

Hello world!

This is my first blog and I am grateful for this opportunity to express my views/share my experiences. I am passionate about two staples of life “The Fashion & The Food”.  Fashion defines me and I can make a statement through fashion whereas I define food by choosing the right ingredients and food makes a … [Read more…]